Instructions for application

Instructions for application

- Apply Totally Tattoo Party Art Body Paints and Stencils to clean, dry skin. For best results, clean temporary tattoo area with Totally Tattoo prep pads (or 70% isopropyl alcohol) to remove dirt and oils from the skin. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR FACE PAINTING.
- Shake Totally Tattoo Party Art Body Paints thoroughly before use.

- Remove Totally Tattoo Party Art Body stencil from backing and place directly on skin. Apply paint lightly with Totally Tattoo microbrush applicator, starting from the center of the tattoo and blending towards the outer edges. If applied too generously at stencil edge, colors may seep under the stencil.

- Remove stencil immediately after applying colors.

- Rinse Totally Tattoo microbrush applicator under warm water after use.

- For a more realistic look, apply baby/talcum powder to temporary tattoo.

- For the most realistic look, use an airbrush to apply color. Badger’s or Thayer & Chandler’s gravity feed air brushes (Model 100SG, 100G, 100LG, Vega/Omni 1000,4000, 5000, Nailaire) are ideal for temporary tattoo applications. Set air pressure at 10-15 psi. Use 70% isopropyl alcohol. to clean airbrush

- Totally Tattoo Party Art Body Paints can last 12-24 hours on the body when applied with the microbrush applicator; 24-72 hours when applied with an airbrush. To prolonglife of tattoo, lightly apply moisturizing lotion over painted tattoo when skin is dry, baby/talcum
powder when skin is damp or sweaty.

- Totally Tattoo Party Art Body Paints are easily removed from the skin with 70% isopropylalcohol.

- Be creative! Totally Tattoo Party Art Body Paints can be blended together to achieve a rangeof wild and imaginative colors!

- For maximum durability, avoid applying temporary tattoo to excessively “hairy” areas.

- Avoid contact with clothing. When wet, Totally Tattoo Party Art Body Paints will stain fabrics.* Safe, non-toxic, water-based,

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