How do I pick a Tattoo Artist

Start by asking people you know who have tattoos that you like. Look on TattooBin for your Tattoo Artist and Tattoo Studio. Visit several studios to see the artists work and ask to see photographs of the artists work to see if you like their style. Check out and the different tattoo publications. When looking for a Tattoo artist there are a few things to consider, first; when looking at their photographs, check to see if the lines are clean and smooth or broken and jagged and be sure they meet up. Take the time to shop around because that will make a big difference in your end result. A good tattoo artist will take time to sit with you and they will create a special work of art just for you. Ask the tattoo artist if he or she is a member of a national tattoo organization. The Alliance of Professional Tattooing is a nonprofit organization that monitors legislations and keeps the artists updated on safety issues.

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