Application Tips

Application Tips


Proper application is important for your waterslide temporary tattoo to look good and last for a longer time. The tattoo bonds to the skin with a medical grade adhesive, much like an adhesive bandage. The skin should be clean, free of oil, and dry before the tattoo is applied. Follow these steps:

1) Wash and dry the area where the tattoo will be applied. Use rubbing alcohol if the area has been exposed to tanning lotion or other oils.

2) If there is more than one tattoo on the sheet, cut the selected image from the sheet. For larger images, we recommend you trim away excessive backing paper around the tattoo.

3) Peel off the protective plastic or paper from the tattoo, and carefully place it against the skin. Remember that the tattoo will adhere to the skin so you won’t be able to move it. Gently rub the backing paper to insure good contact with the skin.

4) Using a damp sponge or washcloth, hold it against the backing paper until it is completely saturated. This will dissolve the gel that holds the actual tattoo in place. Don’t rush this step. It may take two or more applications of water to completely dissolve the gel. After 10 or 15 seconds, test by gently rotating the backing paper. If it doesn’t slide easily, add more water and wait another minute or two. Gently slide or peel the backing paper away from the tattoo.

5) Allow the tattoo to set for about a minute. Then gently pat with damp sponge or cloth to remove any gel that may remain on the skin.

TIP: A light dusting with powder can give the tattoo a more realistic look.


With proper care, your waterslide tattoo should last an average of four days. Some people report they look good for a week or more. Rubbing by clothing or contamination with any type of oil will shorten the life of the temporary tattoo. When bathing, don’t scrub the tattoo and gently pat dry. Natural body oils will break the tattoo down over time.


You can remove your temporary tattoo at any time by rubbing it with any kind of oil and allow it to stand a minute or two. Then wipe with a tissue or paper towel. Another method of removal is to press any type of adhesive tape, like Scotch tape, against the tattoo and peel it from the skin. Clean off any remaining residue with rubbing alcohol.

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