SteffMay2009 Fo MadamBari Opinions on Wedding Dresses and Tattoos

SteffMay2009 Fo MadamBari

100% don't cover them up Your FH is marrying you because he loves you No need to cover up a part of you just to get married! I was a tattooed bride, and we tried to work with them rather than cover them up We used purple as our color because it matched my arm, and we had the florist use the colors and style of my tattoos as inspiration in our flowers Photographers definitely seem to like tattoos, so you'll probably get a lot of pics of your back, but I thought ours came out pretty cool. Here's a few of our photos with my tattoos, so you can see that it won't ruin your photos, they may actually make them cooler!

Anyways, you get my point. Be yourself. Don't worry about what magazines say a bride should look like.

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