Caring for a New Tattoo

Caring for a New Tattoo

Your tattoo artist will probably give you a pamphlet that explains all the necessary procedures along with instructions such as:

- You should remove the bandage one to two hours after completion.

- Wash gently with cool or lukewarm water, using a mild antibacterial soap.

- Always pat dry. (Don't rub!)

- Apply very thin coats of antibacterial ointment and work into the skin. You will find that too much ointment can pull color out of the tattoo.

- Do not soak the tattoo in water or letting the shower pound directly on it.

- Avoiding the sun, sea and swimming pool until healed is advised.

- Do not pick at your scabs. They will fall off as the tattoo heals, approximately in one to three weeks.

- Ice packs should be used if swelling or redness occurs.

- Always call a doctor if you have even the slightest signs of infection.

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