Types of Tattoos

Types of Tattoos Abstractions

Abstractions are tattoo designs that are mostly derived from archaic tattooing Almost all the tribal tattoos belong to this category, as well as Celtic or modern, western abstract designs Naturalistic Tattoos When attempt is made to portray some things in naturalistic style, they tend to take natural form. Naturalistic tattoos fall in this category The portrayal involves detailing, shading and perspective to make an image look realistic Pledge or Dedication Deigns These kinds of designs are associated with sailor or 'traditional' western tattooing Some examples of pledge or dedicated tattoos are the heart and name banner tattoo, the anchor with a ship name, and the insignia of a military regiment

Simplifications or Stylized Designs

Simplifications or Stylized appear in all styles of pictures This may range from a cartoon character, flash from the wall of the tattoo shop to animals or flowers You can also stylize non-flash, custom tattoos. This may include hearts, stylized flowers, leaves, and other images and characters

Complex Structures or Combinations

Another popular tattoo type is complex structures like the traditional Japanese body suits or an amalgamation of images and characters which are not directly associated with each other.

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