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Neuma Tattoo Machines
Ok- Its been a busy couple months here at Neuma Tattoo Machines. Hell City was our last event, and it was great. Durb sure does throw a good show. Did a Neuma seminar there, Carson did Artfusion, TattooWars was there filming Guy Aitchison vs. Aaron Cain, Aaron won. Recently, Neuma has had the privelage of adding some really great tattooers to the line-up. Nikko Hurtado has switched over to Neuma, and he loves them. He says he fells that they are making him an even better tattooer! Coming from someone with as much talent as he has, thats pretty exciting. Hes been using Neuma exclusively for about a month now, and is only liking them more and more as time elapses.

Nathan Kostechko has also recently switched, about 2 months ago. Nathan is also saying that he feels that Neuma Tattoo Machines are helping him to further grow as an artist. Nathans work is great, we love watching him progress over here. Dee Dee Seruga has also switched. Dee Dee is a great female representative of the tattoo industry, and should be closely watched by those who are into great tattoos. We also had a bunch more artists using Neuma at Hell City, including Nikko, Dee Dee, Nathan, Johnny Berrios, Mike DeVries, Mike DeMasi, Mario Rosena, Ryan Hadley, Dan Plumley, Nick Trammel, and more. It was a great show. Next stop, Boston Tattoo Convention next weekend, where we will do another Neuma seminar, free of charge. Fun fun fun

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